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Balfour Junior School

Balfour School revamped their healthy snack trolley in September and we just wanted to tell everyone what a great success it is.

Our snack trolley is called Happy Snax (named by the children who run it). We currently stock a whole range of healthy snacks and currently have 8 children who run the trolley every break time.

Our most popular snacks and drinks are: Spicy noodles, Milkshakes all flavours, Popcorn, Orange and apple juice cartons, Mango whirls, Yogurt raisins and Apple snapz all flavours

We are just waiting for the weather to stop raining and heat up and the children will be selling frozen smoothies in two flavours and bottles of water at lunchtimes. This I am sure will be another success.

The children of Balfour look forward to the trolley coming out everyday and have currently made a profit to the school of just over £200.00. All the children who help are very excited about the trolley especially when we get new products to sell.

If you are thinking of setting up a trolley in your school we can highly recommend it. It doesnt take up too much time and the children who help absolutely love it and so do the children buying things.

We would like to thank Jackie and Tracy for all their help in helping us totally revamp our trolley. Which has now become a huge success.

Balfour Junior School, Kent