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fruit to suit supplies an extensive range of healthy snacks and drinks meeting the School Food Standards to be sold in schools and also healthier snacks and drinks for discos, fairs, treats and rewards. These snacks include dried fruits, fruit crisps, fruit bars, naturally flavoured raisins, fruit juices, natural sparkling drinks and smoothies.

The pupils select the snacks, which may not be available within their local community, and promote the health benefits to their peers, families and local communities with the consequent benefits to the diet and quality of life within these areas. These potential benefits include; better balanced diet, increase nutritional intake, less fatty food; with consequent potential health benefits including reduction in obesity.

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"The Tuck shop has been a great success, the children love the range of products, the fruit drinks have been particularly popular and the parents have been very supportive of the venture."

Cressing Primary School


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