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fruit to suit is a multi-award winning social enterprise delivering fun and engaging business and enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools nationwide. Our programs develop and encourage entrepreneurial skills and a greater understanding of business planning which can be consolidated by establishing and operating a long term, sustainable healthy tuck shop businesses.

fruit to suit’s programs inspire the young entrepreneurs of the future by changing their perceptions of business and business people. We give children the confidence and knowledge to take a more positive view of their future employability and ability to run their own business. They realise employability and running their own business is inclusive whatever their gender, ethnicity, disability or local community expectations.

We offer a range of programs suited to whole classes, school council or gifted and talented.

You can download all the free resources necessary to deliver the training yourself from our Teacher Area or we can deliver the training at a very reasonable price. Please contact Head Office to receive login details to our Teacher Area. 

Healthy Tuck Shop Enterprise Programs

The following three fruit to suit programs are centred on a healthy tuck shop business.

  1. Tuck Shop Manager Training
  2. Creating a Company Challenge
  3. Company Trading

Schools can establish a healthy tuck shop or they can have the stand-alone enterprise experience of the Creating a Company Challenge and Company Trading.

Tuck Shop Manager Training 

During this core, half day program your children are trained to establish and operate a healthy tuck shop business. They are elected into managerial roles e.g. Director, Sales, Advertising, Research, Finance and Stock Control and are trained within those roles to run the tuck shop independently. They are responsible for writing a business plan, placing orders, checking deliveries, advertising, research, bookkeeping, stock takes and completing an end of year financial statement.

fruit to suit offers unlimited support and advice to you and your tuck shop managers.

Creating a Company Challenge

This, half day, challenge is to create a company to operate a virtual healthy tuck shop business in their school. They complete a business plan which contains company details, finance, research and advertising. The winning team has the best business plan and company profile.

This challenge can be used to introduce a whole year group or the whole of KS2 to the concept of a healthy tuck shop business. The business plans produced can be used in the Tuck Shop Manager Training program as a source of ideas and information. 

Company Trading

The children use their newly acquired enterprise skills to trade their company for a virtual six weeks. They face real business scenarios to test their skills to the limit.

Further Programs

We also offer a range of stand-alone programs, some of which are potentially self-financing. These can compliment the tuck shop manager training and/or provide alternative enterprise experience without the commitment of a long-term tuck shop.

Please contact Head Office to find out more and receive login details to our Teacher Area. Here you will find all of the resources 

"Children are applying a range of skills from several areas of the curriculum to develop life long skills and experiences that they will remember and cherish for many years to come."

Kate Baum - Headteacher, Alderbrook Primary School


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