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Sir Richard Branson's views on enterprise

Billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson has called for changes to the national curriculum to encourage an enterprise culture in schools.

"I think the best way of learning to run a business is actually to run a business," said Branson.


RichardBranson"As part of the school curriculum, if everybody just set up a little business within their school - it could maybe even be a fictional business, with fictional money and so on."

"Business is simply coming up with an idea that's going to improve other people's lives and if you can do that you're enterprising and you can become an entrepreneur," he said.

"A lot of very big businesses begin with just a very small idea."

At fruit to suit we wholeheartedly agree, and our business and enterprise programs are proven to work, allowing children in schools all over the country to experience the daily challenges of running their own business and the success of making a tidy profit for the school or chosen charity.

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