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New Snacks

A wonderfully hectic start to this new academic year!

The Chilli Seeds and Naturelly Juice have gone down a storm and the new drinks are also selling well!

Hydra Fizz - We now sell Hydra Fizz Sparkling Juice which comes in six tantalising flavours - apple crush, berry medley, fruit crush, tropical twist, very cherry and zingy lemon. Just fruit juice and sparkling water - no hidden added sugars, sweeteners or other nasties!

Yazoo - We can also offer new Yazoo flavoured milks with No Added Sugar in three flavours - banana, strawberry and toffee! School Food Standards allow up to 4% added sugar to flavoured milks due to the benefits of the calcium in the milk but the new Yazoo have no added sugar (or artificial sweeteners either) making them even better!