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Welly Walk

Better Food Wirral very kindly funded a new fruit to suit program called Strawberry Enterprises. The program runs over a few months and involves picking strawberries, making strawberry jam and selling it at the school fair. However it's not quite as simple as that! The children:

  1. Learn about what goes into our foods and how to read food packaging i.e. ingredients and traffic light system
  2. Go on a Welly Walk to Claremont Farm and see the strawberries being planted
  3. Have Enterprise Training to learn about costings, market research, marketing and finances
  4. Return to Claremont Farm in June/July to pick the strawberries
  5. Make the strawberry jam
  6. Sell it at the summer school fair
  7. Evaluate

Last Wednesday on a beautiful spring day fruit to suit and children from St Michaels and All Angels Primary School, Woodchurch went on the Welly Walk. The children (and me!) learned so much about farming including:

  1. The history of Claremont Fram
  2. How farming has changed over the years
  3. How the fruit and vegetables are grown
  4. How important the wildlife is to the farm
  5. How they earn money during the winter months
  6. And we picked and tasted rhubarb! 

To book a Welly Walk for your school contact Andy via their website www.claremontfarm.co.uk. It's a fascinating insight into farming and the photographs below show how much fun they had: