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We love our job!

What a lovely post to read on Facebook from Sonya, one of our Franchise Owners:

I haven't really got time to be posting on Facebook this week but I just had to share...

Running your own business is really tough, and really lonely at times especially if you are self-employed and all the drive, motivation and decisions have to come from yourself. In the last 2 years running fruit tosuit in Liverpool and St. Helens I have had many big challenges and many little triumphs, but it's still a worry every Monday waiting for orders tocome through from the children (hoping that there will be enough to take a small wage and allow the business to continue to be viable).

However every time I go into a school and experience first hand the fun, creativity, enthusiasm and ideas that the children come up with to launch and run their own businesses in school. I witness the team-work and problem solving and hear them grow in confidence over the course of the year as they place their orders each Monday and market their businesses, it reminds me how lucky I am to be doing this job.

Today was no exception - first I visited Carr Mill Primary school to see the Yr5 Marketing managers deliver a superb launch assembly to the rest of the school, together with a professional informative PowerPoint presentation. Then I went on to Garswood Primary school to train a group of children some as young as 7 to run their own business - again the enthusiasm was overwhelming as everyone got stuck into completing their business plan and learning their manager roles.

I am also amazed at the enthusiasm of staff in the new schools I visit totalk about fruit to suit, last week alone 2 schools signed up to the program immediately after being given glowing recommendations from other schools. There is no doubt in my mind that fruit to suit is the best thing I ever did. Lets hope it continues to grow and prosper so that more children can be engaged in running a real life profitable business for their school.