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New Snacks

A wonderfully hectic start to this new academic year!

The Chilli Seeds and Naturelly Juice have gone down a storm and the new drinks are also selling well!

Hydra Fizz - We now sell Hydra Fizz Sparkling Juice which comes in six tantalising flavours - apple crush, berry medley, fruit crush, tropical twist, very cherry and zingy lemon. Just fruit juice and sparkling water - no hidden added sugars, sweeteners or other nasties!

Yazoo - We can also offer new Yazoo flavoured milks with No Added Sugar in three flavours - banana, strawberry and toffee! School Food Standards allow up to 4% added sugar to flavoured milks due to the benefits of the calcium in the milk but the new Yazoo have no added sugar (or artificial sweeteners either) making them even better!


Exciting Start in September 2017

We hope you all had a good summer holiday and are ready to start back at school very soon.

At fruit to suit we (well Jan has actually!) have been working very hard over the holidays to find some new healthy snacks and drinks for your tuck shop businesses.

Chilli Seeds

An old favourite! They are lightly roasted chilli seeds with delicious crunchy kernels. They do contain sea salt so do not meet School Food Standards but they are a good source of fibre, protein, iron and are packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

Perry Court Fruit Bars

These are made by the same people who make the apple and pear crisps in Kent! They are 100% fruit and each bar contains either a whole apple or a whole pear. They are processed so, unfortunately, do not meet the School Food Standards.

Picked & Pressed

These bars are made of fruit and flax seeds. They do not meet the School Food Standards because they are processed: the fruit is pressed and gently baked.


Naturelly is made of juice and fruit! They are gelatine free, have no added sugar or sweeteners and are rich in vitamin C. They do meet School Food Standards - hooray! 


We nearly had some lovely sparking fruit juice drinks but we lost our supplier at the last minute!! Hopefully we will have them back very soon!

If you would like any samples of our new products, just let Jan know and she'll pop some in the post to you. Don't forget to tell us what you think of them.

Good luck starting back at school. Terrie


Liverpool One Foundation

Liverpool One Foundation have very kindly funded fruit to suit C.I.C. to establish six healthy tuck shops in schools in the most deprived areas of Merseyside. Each school will receive a Creating a Company Challenge for up to 100 children, a Tuck Shop Manager Training to train the children to run the tuck shop independently, starting stock, evaluation sessions and lots more! We can't wait to get started and will keep you posted on how the schools progress. Thank you Liverpool One Foundation!

Welly Walk

Better Food Wirral very kindly funded a new fruit to suit program called Strawberry Enterprises. The program runs over a few months and involves picking strawberries, making strawberry jam and selling it at the school fair. However it's not quite as simple as that! The children:

  1. Learn about what goes into our foods and how to read food packaging i.e. ingredients and traffic light system
  2. Go on a Welly Walk to Claremont Farm and see the strawberries being planted
  3. Have Enterprise Training to learn about costings, market research, marketing and finances
  4. Return to Claremont Farm in June/July to pick the strawberries
  5. Make the strawberry jam
  6. Sell it at the summer school fair
  7. Evaluate

Last Wednesday on a beautiful spring day fruit to suit and children from St Michaels and All Angels Primary School, Woodchurch went on the Welly Walk. The children (and me!) learned so much about farming including:

  1. The history of Claremont Fram
  2. How farming has changed over the years
  3. How the fruit and vegetables are grown
  4. How important the wildlife is to the farm
  5. How they earn money during the winter months
  6. And we picked and tasted rhubarb! 

To book a Welly Walk for your school contact Andy via their website www.claremontfarm.co.uk. It's a fascinating insight into farming and the photographs below show how much fun they had:

We love our job!

What a lovely post to read on Facebook from Sonya, one of our Franchise Owners:

I haven't really got time to be posting on Facebook this week but I just had to share...

Running your own business is really tough, and really lonely at times especially if you are self-employed and all the drive, motivation and decisions have to come from yourself. In the last 2 years running fruit tosuit in Liverpool and St. Helens I have had many big challenges and many little triumphs, but it's still a worry every Monday waiting for orders tocome through from the children (hoping that there will be enough to take a small wage and allow the business to continue to be viable).

However every time I go into a school and experience first hand the fun, creativity, enthusiasm and ideas that the children come up with to launch and run their own businesses in school. I witness the team-work and problem solving and hear them grow in confidence over the course of the year as they place their orders each Monday and market their businesses, it reminds me how lucky I am to be doing this job.

Today was no exception - first I visited Carr Mill Primary school to see the Yr5 Marketing managers deliver a superb launch assembly to the rest of the school, together with a professional informative PowerPoint presentation. Then I went on to Garswood Primary school to train a group of children some as young as 7 to run their own business - again the enthusiasm was overwhelming as everyone got stuck into completing their business plan and learning their manager roles.

I am also amazed at the enthusiasm of staff in the new schools I visit totalk about fruit to suit, last week alone 2 schools signed up to the program immediately after being given glowing recommendations from other schools. There is no doubt in my mind that fruit to suit is the best thing I ever did. Lets hope it continues to grow and prosper so that more children can be engaged in running a real life profitable business for their school.

West Wirral Funding

West Wirral Constituency have very kindly funded enterprise training for four primary schools in West Wirral.

Their training will consist of:

Creating a Company Challenge

Read more...