Interested in setting up a healthy tuck shop business

Sophisticated Simon

Fantastic, you are interested in setting up a healthy tuck shop in your school! I would love to help you.

There are two ways you can set up a healthy tuck shop business:

With training:

Terrie, fruit to suit, can come to your school and train you to run your business. However, we do charge to do this so your teacher may prefer to train you themselves. They can download all of the resources they need from the Teacher's Area of the website.

To run your tuck shop business you will need a team of 6 to 30 children. You will be voted in to managerial roles such as Director, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Research Manager, Stock Control Manager and Advertising Manager. We will train you in those roles so you can run the business by yourselves. We will help you to write a business plan to ask permission from your Headteacher to run your healthy tuck shop business. You also have the opportunity to try our tasty snacks and drinks.

Without training:

You can set the healthy tuck shop business up completely by yourselves and still buy fruit to suit’s healthy snacks and drinks.

  1. Have a chat with your teacher, Headteacher, healthy eating or enterprise coordinator.
  2. If they think it is something that could work in your school, email or phone us at fruit to suit and we will send you some information and some samples of our snacks.
  3. Jan will be able to answer your questions on our snacks and drinks, delivery days etc.

We look forward to doing business with you!