Stock Control Manager

Sophisticated SimonAs a Stock Control Manager you are responsible for making sure there are always the right amount of snacks and drinks on the tuck shop. If there are not enough, you won't have any sales. If there are too many, they may go out of date.

You are also in charge of ordering and receiving your tuck shop snacks and drinks.

Your Responsibilities:


Regularly check the stock is stored correctly i.e. in a dark, cool place and off the floor.

Check the stock is rotated correctly i.e. old stock is sold before new stock.

Placing an Order:

The Sales Managers should let you know when an order is needed. Work with the Sales Managers to complete an order form.

Sign the order form and ask your Supervisor to check and sign it.

Don't rely on the Sales Managers to let you know what stock is needed, keep checking yourself.

Receiving an Order

  • Open the envelope and check you have two invoices, a delivery note and a newsletter.
  • Use the delivery note to check you have received what you ordered.
  • If you have received too many, you can keep them but if you have not received enough, let Jan know straight away. 
  • If the order is correct, sign the delivery note and give it, with one of the invoices, to your secretary or bursar.
  • Put the other invoice, with the order form, in the Tuck Shop Manager File:Section 9 Invoices.

Half Term Stock Take:

You can help the Directors and Finance Managers by calculating the value of the left over snacks and drinks.

Use Section 10 of the Tuck Shop Manager File to help.

Remember the Individual Cost Price is the price you paid for the snacks and drinks NOT the sale price.

If you need any help, please contact Jan on 0151 200 4144