Advertising Manager

Sophisticated Simon

As Advertising Manager your responsibilities are to make sure everyone knows everything about your tuck shop business. Not just staff and children in your school but your local community too.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Snack of the Week - this is an excellent way to advertise the tuck shop in a whole school assembly. Arrange a meeting with the Sales and Stock Control Managers to decide which snack is going to be Snack of the Week. They will need to order extra stock and perhaps some samples.
  • Give end of term updates to the whole school on how well your tuck shop business is going. You can include: how many snacks you have sold, how much profit you have made and how the profits are going to be used.
  • Check all adverts made by the Tuck Shop Managers, making sure the details are correct.
  • Regularly put new adverts around the school and remove old ones.
  • Ask for a regular slot in the school newsletter or on the website to keep parents up to date with: which snacks and drinks you are selling, health benefits of the snacks and drinks, how many you have sold, how much profit you have made and how the profits have been used.
  • Find as many ways as possible of letting your local community know about your tuck shop business: adverts on the school playgrounds, website and local newspapers.