Research Manager

Sophisticated Simon

As Research Manager it is your responsibility to make sure your customers are happy with the tuck shop. Don't assume you know what your customers want - keep asking!

Your Responsibilities:

You must keep asking the children and staff in your school if they are happy with the tuck shop. For example:

  • Are they happy with the selection of snacks and drinks?
  • Are they happy with the cost of the snacks and drinks?
  • Are there some snacks or drinks they would like to see on their tuck shop?
  • Is the service quick and friendly?

Present your findings

Arrange a meeting with your Tuck Shop Team to let them know what you found out. Your information is vital to the success of the tuck shop. It would be fantastic if you could present your findings in graphs or charts to make them easy to read. For example: 80% of Year 5 children regularly buy a snack from the tuck shop, 75% think the snacks are a good price. You could present your findings to the school in an assembly.