We'd like to increase sales and make more profit

If your sales are dropping, you could do some research to find out why. Ask your Research Managers to carry out a survey to find out why people are not buying snacks. Think carefully about what answers you might need on your tally chart.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Don’t like the snacks
  • Snacks too expensive
  • Queue too long
  • Unfriendly managers
Would you like to make more profit?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Market Stall Set up your healthy tuck shop on a Friday (or any day) after school and sell your snacks and drinks to your families. They might like to buy your healthy snacks and drinks to have at home, especially over the holidays. Spicy Noodles in the holidays - yummy! You will need to write a persuasive letter to your head teacher to ask permission to run the stall. Don’t forget to include:
    • Who would benefit?
    • How would they benefit?
    • What would be the benefit to the school?
    • How would you make sure you didn’t miss any school time!
  2. Parents Evening Set up a healthy tuck shop at parents evenings so parents can buy your healthy snacks and drinks and see what a fantastic business you are running. It’s a great way to show off your enterprise skills. You will need to ask permission from your head teacher
  3. fruit to suit Referral Scheme fruit to suit has a referral scheme to reward you if you recommend us to another school. You can write a letter to another school close by. Tell them about your tuck shop and why it is so good. Don’t forget to tell them:
    • What you sell
    • How much they cost
    • How you get them
    • Who runs the tuck shop business
    • What the benefits are
    • If you enjoy it!
  4. You can invite them to your school to see your tuck shop in action. Ask Jan for more details on 0151 200 4144.
  5. School Disco Have a healthy tuck shop at your school disco. We have some healthier and tasty treats for discos. As Jan for more details.
  6. Snack of the Week This is a great way to remind the children about the tuck shop and get them excited about new snacks. Ask your teacher if you can have a slot in the whole school assembly to do Snack of the Week. Make sure you have lots of that snack in stock so you don’t run out.
  7. Advertising You have to keep advertising the tuck shop so keep putting up new posters. If you're proud of your design, send us a copy and we will show them off on here.