Finance Manager

As Finance Manager you are in charge of all of the tuck shop money. You must be very good at numeracy to have been voted into this managerial role.

Your Responsibilities:

Every Friday

  • Collect the week's money.
  • Count the money.
  • Enter the amount collected in the Tuck Shop Manager File: Section 5 Finances.
  • Give the money to the bursar/secretary to be banked and ask them to sign the bookkeeping form (page 2).

Half Term Stock Take

Bookkeeping Form Section 10, page 1:

  • Add up all the money collected from the tuck shop (Money In A)
  • Check all the invoices have been put into the Tuck Shop Manager File by the Purchase Managers. Jan will have copies if you need them.
  • Add all of the invoices together (Money Out B).
  • Calculate the value of your stock (all the snacks and drinks you ahve left). Use pages 2&3 to help.
  • Calculate your profits.
  • Let your other Tuck Shop Managers know how much profit you have made.
  • At the next whole school assembly, let everyone know how much profit you have made (or ask another manager to do it for you).

End of Year

  • Prepare a Financial Statement for the end of the year showing how much profit you have made for the whole year.
  • Present the information in a whole school assembly (or ask another manager to do it for you).