Sophisticated Simon

As Director you are responsibile for the overall running of the Tuck Shop Business and all of the Managers. This is a fantastic position of responsibility and you must be very well respected to be voted into this managerial role.

Your Responsibilities:

If a manager is absent, make sure their tasks are covered.

Organise regular meetings to discuss your tuck shop business and how it is going. Use these meetings to discuss:

  • Manager Roles - does everyone understand and is happy with their role?
  • Sales figures - are they still high? If they are falling, find out why. Do you need to do some more market research?
  • Ways of making more profit - we have lots of ideas but you might have some of your own.
  • Set up a Friday market stall on your playground so parents can buy your healthy snacks and drinks for home.
  • Set up a healthy tuck shop at parents evenings so parents can buy your healthy snacks and drinks and see what a fantastic business you are running.
  • fruit to suit has a referral scheme to reward you if you recommend us to another school. Ask your representative for more details.
  • Have a healthy tuck shop at your school discos. We have some tasty, yet still healthy, snacks for Discos. Ask Jan for some more information.

Organise and help the finance managers with half termly stock takes. You should be making a profit. If you're not, arrange a meeting of all the managers and your Supervisor to help find out why. Please conatct Jan if you need any help.