How do we check the fruit to suit delivery?

Sophisticated Simon

Managers: Stock Control

Ask your secretary to let you know when the delivery arrives so you don’t have to keep checking.

The delivery will arrive with an envelope. In that envelope will be:

  1. Two invoices
  2. One delivery note
  3. A newsletter

Use the delivery note to check your order is correct:

  • Is it what you asked for?
  • Is what has been delivered the same as what is on the delivery note?

If it is correct:

  1. Sign and date the delivery note
  2. Give the delivery note and one of the invoices to your secretary/bursar
  3. Put the other invoice in the Tuck Shop Manager File: Section 9
  4. Enter the invoice in Section 10, Page 2, Money Out (B) sheet

If it is not correct phone Jan on 0151 200 4144 and she will sort it out.