Sophisticated Simon

Sophisticated Simon

Hi, my name is Sophisticated Simon and I am a business man.

I run a chain of healthy tuck shop businesses and a restaurant.

I started in business by setting up just one healthy tuck shop in my primary school. I loved running my own business and it inspired me to set up more and more.

I now own a chain of healthy tuck shops and a restaurant called 'Sophistication'. I believe my head chef, Colin, is going to share his healthy recipes with you. They are really scrummy so watch out for them!

I love being my own boss. It is hard work and I work long hours but I love it!!

I would like to share my business experience with you to help you make your healthy tuck shop business a huuuuuge success. Click on the links below.

If you have any ideas about how other schools could improve their tuck shops, we would love to hear from you. Email us on through the contact page and we will put your ideas here.

See you soon


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