Smooth Strawberry

Smooth Strawberry

Hi, I am Smooth Strawberry

I was based on a design by Emily at Christ Church Primary, Wirral. Thank you Emily, I am really Smooooooth.

I have just been on holiday to Turkey. I had a great time but it was really hot! I got sun burnt on the fifth day and had to spend the rest of my holiday in my hotel room. I was soooooo bored!

Are you going on holiday somewhere hot soon? Please take care and don’t ruin your holiday like I did! My powerpoint tells you all about how to Stay Safe in the Sun.

If you are aged 2 to 6, Have a look at this great video I found.

Smooth Strawberry's Colouring Poster

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Take a look at my PowerPoint to find out more:

  • Staying Safe in the Sun