Rocking Raisin

Rocking RaisinHi, I am Rocking Raisin.

I was based on a design by Sian and Kinane at Grove Street Primary, Wirral. Well done girls, I really rock!

I am the lead singer in a band called Rocking Raisin and the Raisonettes. I like to chill out with my best friend Mikey and listen to our favourite band, One Direction.

I can’t cook very well so I like to eat at my favourite restaurant “Sophistication”. It’s a big secret but I’ve been taking cooking lessons from Colin Currant! I’m not very good but I’m getting better. 

I love to read! Don't you just love those book that once you start, you can't put down?

My favourite authors are Jacqueline Wilson, Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. Over the summer holidays, I have been reading the Harry Potter books again - right from the start: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. They are just as good the second time around! 

If you have any books you recommend, please let me know and I'll post them on here! I'll need some books to read once I've finished Harry Potter.

Hey, and if you have any photographs of you reading the book in the stragest of places please send those in too - that would be fun! Maybe we could start a competition to see who has read their book in the strangest place! Need to get my thinking cap on now!

Happy reading!

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If you have run out of ideas for books to read, have a look at this list. I found some good ones:

  • www.schoolreadinglist.co.uk