Poppy Corn

Poppy Corn

Hi, my name is Poppy Corn.

I am based on designs by Holly from Bill Quay Primary in Tyne & Wear and Beth from Liscard Primary in Wirral. Thanks Holly and Beth, I look great.

I just love to dance and my feet never stop moving! My favourite music at the moment is anything by Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone but I have a bit of a soft spot for Harry Styles too!

My dance teacher, Debbie, is always telling me to drink lots of water. She says primary school children should be drinking between 5 to 8 200ml glasses of water every day. That seems like quite a lot but it's not really if you space them out during the day. I have to drink more because I am always dancing. If you play sport, you should drink more too. Debbie says water is the best!!

Did you know?

  1. When we are born, water makes up about 75% of our body weight
  2. Water makes up about 60% of the body weight of older children and adults
  3. Water is constantly being lost from our bodies (when we go to the toilet, when we brethe and when we sweat) so if we don't drink enough water we become dehydrated.
  4. Water helps our body in many ways:
    1. It carries nutrients to cells
    2. It helps to remove waste products from our major organs
    3. It helps to control our body temperature
  5. Water is found in all drinks and also in food. E.g. water is in orange juice and milk; it is also in fruits and vegetables. it is even in cheese!
  6. People can survive for up to 50 days without food but only a few days without drinking water.

I found all this information on a website: www.naturalhydrationcouncil.org.uk

There's lots more information on there if you are interested? 

More Information


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