Penelope Pear

Penelope Pear

pink birdHi, my name is Penelope Pear. I’m known as Penny to my friends.

green orange butterflyI love to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for Simon’s Restaurant “Sophistication”. In my spare time, I love to watch tennis. I plan my summer holidays so I can watch all of Wimbledon from my garden.

purple butterflyWinter is a very important time to look after the wildlife in your garden. Food can become hard to find, especially if it is covered in ice and snow. Water may freeze and become impossible to drink. Have a look at my information booklet to find out how you can help the wildlife in your garden during winter.

blue birdI like to feed the birds in winter. If you would like to feed the birds in your garden too, have a look at my information booklet to find out what to leave out for them.

ladybirdorange flowerI have made some other information booklets for you to find out more about what to look for in your garden in summer and autumn.

Penny's Colouring Poster

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Take a look at my information booklets to find out more about how to look after wildlife and your garden in different seasons:


Feeding the birds in Winter

What to look for in Summer

What's going on in Autumn

Who's on the move in my wintery garden