Ollie the Active Orange

Ollie Orange

Hi, I am Ollie the Active Orange.

I was based on a design by Emily at Christ Church Primary, Wirral. Thank you Emily, I look great!

I am full of energy and bounce, I tire people out by just watching me! I Love extreme sports like kite boarding and skate boarding.

I love to party! I like dancing and playing musical bumps but I’m not very good at musical statues! He he! My friend Colin is helping me to prepare fun but healthy party food. Have a look at some of Jamie Olivers ideas. I love those homemade lollies!!! Once we have tried and tested our new recipes, I’ll share them with you.

Ollie's Colouring Poster

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If you would like to do some more exercise like me have a look at the Change 4 life website. You can find tips on: