Brad Pip

Brad PipHi, I am Brad Pip and I am the teacher of our bunch.

I was created by our designer Neil Rees who also turned all our fantastic competition entries into real characters.

I am passionate about protecting the environment for your future. 

Today I'd like to talk to you about rubbish! 

Did you know?
  • We could fill the Albert Hall in London with our waste every two hours!
  • We could fill Lake Windermere, the largest and deepest lake in England with our waste every eigth months.

For many years, we simply either dumped this waste into landfills (big holes in the ground) or burnt it!

However, we can't carry on creating this much rubbish, it's hurting our planet.

What can you do?

It would be easy for me to give you lots of facts and figures about rubbish but let's look at what you can do to help.

  • When you go shopping, take your bags with you.
  • Walk when it is safe rather than asking for a lift. This reduces the petrol/diesel used.
  • Switch off your electrical items e.g. television and games consoles, when you are not using them. This will reduce the amount of energy you use!
  • Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. This will reduce the amount of clean water being wasted!
  • Re-use
  • When something is broken, see if you can fix it instead of throwing it away!
  • If it can't be mended, see if you can find a new use for it!
  • Give unwanted items to charity!
  • Re-use scrap paper. Remember you can use both sides of the paper to draw on!

By recycling I mean using materials from things you don't need any more to make new products.

Did you know you can make fleeces and shoelaces from old plastic bottles, and that all newspapers are today printed on recycled paper?

And instead of throwing away your food, you can turn it into really useful compost!

  • Always see if you can buy things from recycled materials
  • Sort all your rubbish so that glass, tin cans, plastic and paper can be recyled
  • Think about what other things can be recycled at your local recycling centre, like batteries and ink cartidges
  • Use kitchen waste as compost on the garden.

As well as reducing waste, recycling helps to save energy. Some everyday objects you can recyle are:

  • Glass - including bottles and jam jars (but remember to wash them first!)
  • Plastic - not all plastics can be recycled like plastic wrapping cannot be recyled currently. Check with your local council what they recycle!
  • Cardboard - including creal boxes, packing boxes
  • Paper - including Christmas and birthday cards, newspapers, envelopes, as well as drawing paper.
  • Mobile phones
  • Old fruit and vegetables in your compost bin.

If we reduce, ruse and recycle we can save energy, money and our planet!

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