Welcome to the Character Village

This part of the website features all of our fruit to suit gang. The fruit to suit characters have all been designed by children.

Each member of the gang has different interests. Here you can read their stories and access fun activities. Sophisticated Simon will give tuck shop managers lots of help and information about running a business and the other characters will help with information and advice about leading a healthy life.

Keep visiting to see the latest character updates.

Sophisticated Simon

Hi, my name is Sophisticated Simon and I am a business man.

I run a chain of healthy tuck shop businesses and a restaurant.

I started in business by setting up just one healthy tuck shop in my primary school. I loved running my own business and it inspired me to set up more and more.

I now own a chain of healthy tuck shops and a restaurant called 'Sophistication'. I believe my head chef, Colin, is going to share his healthy recipes with you. They are really scrummy so watch out for them!

I love being my own boss. It is hard work and I work long hours but I love it!!

I would like to share my business experience with you to help you make your healthy tuck shop business a huuuuuge success. Click on the links below.

If you have any ideas about how other schools could improve their tuck shops, we would love to hear from you. Email us on through the contact page and we will put your ideas here.

See you soon


Interested in setting up a healthy tuck shop business

Already have a tuck shop business

Ollie Orange

Hi, I am Ollie the Active Orange.

I was based on a design by Emily at Christ Church Primary, Wirral. Thank you Emily, I look great!

I am full of energy and bounce, I tire people out by just watching me! I Love extreme sports like kite boarding and skate boarding.

I love to party! I like dancing and playing musical bumps but I’m not very good at musical statues! He he! My friend Colin is helping me to prepare fun but healthy party food. Have a look at some of Jamie Olivers ideas. I love those homemade lollies!!! Once we have tried and tested our new recipes, I’ll share them with you.

Ollie's Colouring Poster

Penelope Pear

pink birdHi, my name is Penelope Pear. I’m known as Penny to my friends.

green orange butterflyI love to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for Simon’s Restaurant “Sophistication”. In my spare time, I love to watch tennis. I plan my summer holidays so I can watch all of Wimbledon from my garden.

purple butterflyWinter is a very important time to look after the wildlife in your garden. Food can become hard to find, especially if it is covered in ice and snow. Water may freeze and become impossible to drink. Have a look at my information booklet to find out how you can help the wildlife in your garden during winter.

blue birdI like to feed the birds in winter. If you would like to feed the birds in your garden too, have a look at my information booklet to find out what to leave out for them.

ladybirdorange flowerI have made some other information booklets for you to find out more about what to look for in your garden in summer and autumn.

Penny's Colouring Poster

Brad PipHi, I am Brad Pip and I am the teacher of our bunch.

I was created by our designer Neil Rees who also turned all our fantastic competition entries into real characters.

I am passionate about protecting the environment for your future. 

Today I'd like to talk to you about rubbish! 

Did you know?
  • We could fill the Albert Hall in London with our waste every two hours!
  • We could fill Lake Windermere, the largest and deepest lake in England with our waste every eigth months.

For many years, we simply either dumped this waste into landfills (big holes in the ground) or burnt it!

However, we can't carry on creating this much rubbish, it's hurting our planet.

What can you do?

It would be easy for me to give you lots of facts and figures about rubbish but let's look at what you can do to help.

  • When you go shopping, take your bags with you.
  • Walk when it is safe rather than asking for a lift. This reduces the petrol/diesel used.
  • Switch off your electrical items e.g. television and games consoles, when you are not using them. This will reduce the amount of energy you use!
  • Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. This will reduce the amount of clean water being wasted!
  • Re-use
  • When something is broken, see if you can fix it instead of throwing it away!
  • If it can't be mended, see if you can find a new use for it!
  • Give unwanted items to charity!
  • Re-use scrap paper. Remember you can use both sides of the paper to draw on!

By recycling I mean using materials from things you don't need any more to make new products.

Did you know you can make fleeces and shoelaces from old plastic bottles, and that all newspapers are today printed on recycled paper?

And instead of throwing away your food, you can turn it into really useful compost!

  • Always see if you can buy things from recycled materials
  • Sort all your rubbish so that glass, tin cans, plastic and paper can be recyled
  • Think about what other things can be recycled at your local recycling centre, like batteries and ink cartidges
  • Use kitchen waste as compost on the garden.

As well as reducing waste, recycling helps to save energy. Some everyday objects you can recyle are:

  • Glass - including bottles and jam jars (but remember to wash them first!)
  • Plastic - not all plastics can be recycled like plastic wrapping cannot be recyled currently. Check with your local council what they recycle!
  • Cardboard - including creal boxes, packing boxes
  • Paper - including Christmas and birthday cards, newspapers, envelopes, as well as drawing paper.
  • Mobile phones
  • Old fruit and vegetables in your compost bin.

If we reduce, ruse and recycle we can save energy, money and our planet!

Brad's Colouring Poster

Sophisticated Simon

Fantastic, you are interested in setting up a healthy tuck shop in your school! I would love to help you.

There are two ways you can set up a healthy tuck shop business:

With training:

Terrie, fruit to suit, can come to your school and train you to run your business. However, we do charge to do this so your teacher may prefer to train you themselves. They can download all of the resources they need from the Teacher's Area of the website.

To run your tuck shop business you will need a team of 6 to 30 children. You will be voted in to managerial roles such as Director, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Research Manager, Stock Control Manager and Advertising Manager. We will train you in those roles so you can run the business by yourselves. We will help you to write a business plan to ask permission from your Headteacher to run your healthy tuck shop business. You also have the opportunity to try our tasty snacks and drinks.

Without training:

You can set the healthy tuck shop business up completely by yourselves and still buy fruit to suit’s healthy snacks and drinks.

  1. Have a chat with your teacher, Headteacher, healthy eating or enterprise coordinator.
  2. If they think it is something that could work in your school, email or phone us at fruit to suit and we will send you some information and some samples of our snacks.
  3. Jan will be able to answer your questions on our snacks and drinks, delivery days etc.

We look forward to doing business with you!