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Jan Bradley

Office and Franchise Manager 

As Terrie's sister, I have been involved with fruit to suit from the early days of hand bagging fruit and snacks - the days when it was impossible to call round to see Terrie for a quick cup of coffee without have an apron, hat and set of scales or dozens of empty bags and labels thrust into your hands - through to joining fruit to suit full time in September 2011.

My background is in quality assurance and food hygiene but seeking a better work/life balance when my daughter was young I chose registered childminding as a new career - a job I loved!

I am now in the fortunate position of bringing my combined skills from my past employment and many years of life experience to my new role within fruit to suit - another job I love! It is so rewarding hearing about all of the positive changes fruit to suit is making in children's health, choices and outlook in life - and to know you have had just a tiny part in that is fantastic!