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Terrie Johnson

Founder and Chief Executive

TerrieI am very proud to be the Chief Executive of fruit to suit. I am a single mum with two great children: Chris and Sophie. Chris shares my passion for healthy eating whereas Sophie wants to work in Macdonalds so she can eat chips all day! You can't win them all!

Prior to setting up fruit to suit I was a teacher for 15 years and have taught all age ranges including Special Needs. I am a qualified aerobics instructor and have always had passion for healthy eating.


My fruit to suit journey

As a mum, I became frustrated at not being able to buy healthy snacks for my children. I thought if I was struggling to find healthy snacks, then thousands of other mums were too. Due to media coverage, school dinners were becoming healthier, but schools were still selling junk foods through their tuck shops! As a teacher I was working long hours and my children went to a before and after school club. I really wanted to work from home so I could spend more quality time with my children before they arrived at the age were they wanted nothing to do with me!! I had always envied people who's jobs were their hobbies so I sat down one night with a large piece of paper and wrote down all my passions and hobbies. Having decided that I couldn't make a business out of wine and chocolate, I looked at my two main passions: healthy eating and working with children.

Now, I have the satisfaction of making a difference to the health of the children nationwide as well as giving them invaluable business and enterprise skills. It still gives me a buzz when I go into school playgrounds and see the children tucking into fruit to suit healthy snacks. My business is flexible enough to allow me to take my children to school and pick them up every day. They can go to as many clubs as they want and regularly have friends for tea. As a single mum, there is no panic in the mornings when one of them is poorly.