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fruit to suit is a national, multi-award winning social enterprise company delivering fun and engaging enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools.

Our aims are to:

  1. Inspire the young entrepreneurs of the future by changing their perceptions of business and business people.
  2. Develop practical and theoretical business knowledge.
  3. Develop and apply essential life, employability and entrepreneurial skills.
  4. Combat obesity and promote healthier lifestyles.
  5. Develop opportunities for self help.
  6. Close the gap between those areas experiencing the worst health and life chances and the majority of the popluation.

fruit to suit achieves these aims by:

  1. Training children to establish and operate a healthy tuck shop business in their school.
  2. Supplying a wide range of healthy snacks and drinks to the tuck shops.
  3. Promoting the sales and health benefits of the healthy products to peers and local communities.
  4. Providing a Character Village Sign Posting Service on our fruit to suit website. 

The fruit to suit journey

The idea began to develop for fruit to suit in 2005. I was teaching and the tuck shop in the school where I was teaching had to close down due to government regulations. They were not allowed to sell junk food any more but there were no healthy alternatives.

I began to trial healthy snacks at breaktime in the inner city school I was teaching in. I tried all the traditional dried fruits as well as apricots, dates and prunes. The children were really enthusiastic and tried everything I offered.

I started hand bagging the healthy snacks and selling them at break times. It was so successful there I started selling to another local school and so fruit to suit spread!

I began to see the enjoyment from the children running the tuck shops and how much they gained both personally and academically, so I developed a business and enterprise program to train the children to run the tuck shop independently.

The fruit to suit journey has not been an easy one. The transition from teacher to business woman was tough! I kept thinking I was a mum disguised as a business woman. Somebody soon was going to 'catch me out'!!

That said, it has been an amazing journey and adventure. One which I consider very lucky to have been the driving force behind.


Founder & Chief Executive

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. I am extremely pleased with the service you provided and would recommend it to all schools."

Oxton St. Saviours Primary School


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