We'd like to do a stock take and work out our profit

Sophisticated Simon

Managers: Directors and Finance Managers

At the end of every half term, you need to do a stock take and this will tell you how much profit you have made. Your fruit to suit representative will be happy to help especially with your first one.

You will need:

  • Tuck Shop Manager File
  • All the left over snacks/drinks

Section 8: Page 1

  1. Make sure the money collected from the tuck shop sales has been recorded in ‘Money In’.
  2. Make sure the invoices are recorded in the ‘Money Out’ column. If you have lost any, ask your fruit to suit representative for copies.
  3. Add up the total amount of money coming from the tuck shop sales. This value is A
  4. Add up the total amount of money going out of the tuck shop in invoices. This value is B.

Section 8: Page 3&4

You will have snacks and drinks left over so you need to work out how much they are worth.

  1. Individual Cost Price column – enter in the price you paid for the snacks. This will be on the invoices.
  2. Count how many of the snacks are left. You don’t need to open full boxes. This is the 'Number Remaining'.
  3. Multiply the 'Cost Price' by the 'Number Remaining' to give the ‘Total Value’.
  4. Add the 'Total Value' to give the ‘Total Value of Snacks’. This value is C.
  5. Repeat for the drinks. This value is D

Section 8: Page 2

  1. Fill in the blanks in the sum
  2. Calculate your profit
  3. Sign and date the form

If you have made a profit, YAY, well done you!

Make sure you tell your Supervisor and head teacher.

You could do an assembly and/or write a letter to parents to tell everyone how much profit you have made and remind them how the money will be spent.

If you haven’t made a profit you need to arrange a meeting with your Supervisor and fruit to suit representative to see if we can work out why.