Stock Control Manager

Sophisticated SimonAs Stock Control Manager you are responsible to make sure there is enough snacks and drinks on the tuck shop. If there are not enough snacks, there won't be any sales. If there are too many snacks and drinks, they may go out of date.

Your Responsibilities:


Regularly check the stock is stored correctly i.e. in a dark, cool place and off the floor.

Check the stock is rotated correctly i.e. old stock is sold before the new stock.

Placing an Order:

The Sales Managers should let you know when an order is needed. Work with the Sales Managers to complete an order form. you have a choice of two forms:

Order form: simple form to fill in the number of snacks and drinks you need.

Stock Take Order form; you can use this form to accurately work out how many snacks you need.

Sign the order form, ask your Supervisor to check it and give it to the Purchasing Manager.

Don't rely on the Sales Managers to let you know what stock is needed, keep checking yourself. Always check the stock at the end of break, the day before your order has to be placed.

Half Term Stock Take:

You need to let the Finance Managers know how much the left over snacks and drinks are worth:

Count all the snacks and drinks.

Work out how much they are all worth at cost price (use the price you bought them for because you haven't sold them yet) e.g. 67 raisins, price you brought them for 31p, worth £20.77.

Give the final figure to the Finance Managers.