Purchasing Manager

Sophisticated Simon

The Purchasing Manager is in charge of ordering and receiving your tuck shop snacks and drinks.

Your Responsibilities:

Placing the Order:

     The Sales Managers/Stock Control Managers will give you a completed order form. Make sure it has been signed by your Supervisor.

     Place the order with fruit to suit. Remember: your first name, your school, your order and when you need it by.

     Ask your secretary, very politely, if they will let you know when the order arrives.

     Sign the order form to confirm you have placed the order.

     Place the signed order form in the Tuck Shop Manager File, Section 7, invoices.

Receiving the Order:

     Open the envelope and check you have two invoices and a delivery note.

     Using the delivery note check you have received what you ordered.

     If you have received too many snacks you can keep them! If you haven't received enough snacks tell fruit to suit and your secretary straight away.

     If the order is correct: sign the delivery note and give it, with one of the invoices, to your secretary/bursar.

     Put the other invoice in the Tuck Shop Manager File: Section 7 Invoices and staple it to the order form.

     Record the invoice in Section 8 Finances (bookkeeping sheet).