Sophisticated Simon

As Director you are responsibile for the overall running of the Tuck Shop Business and all of the Managers. This is a fantastic position of responsibility and you must be very well respected to be voted into this managerial role.

Your Responsibilities:

If a manager is absent, make sure their tasks are covered.

Organise regular meetings to discuss your tuck shop business and how it is going. Use these meetings to discuss:

  •      Manager Roles - does everyone understand and is happy with their role?
  •      Sales figures - are they still high? If they are falling, find out why. Do you need to do some more market research?
  •      Ways of making more profit - we have lots of ideas but you might have some of your own.
  •      Set up a Friday market stall on your playground so parents can buy your healthy snacks and drinks for home.
  •      Set up a healthy tuck shop at parents evenings so parents can buy your healthy snacks and drinks and see what a fantastic business you are running.
  •      fruit to suit has a referral scheme to reward you if you recommend us to another school. Ask your representative for more details.
  •      Have a healthy tuck shop at your school discos.

Organise and help the finance managers with half termly stock takes. You should be making a profit. If you're not, arrange a meeting of all the managers, your Supervisor and your fruit to suit representative to see if we can help find out why.