What do we do with the money we collect?

Sophisticated Simon

Managers: Sales Managers

You will have a tub for the money to go into on the tuck shop stall.

At the end of break, Sales Managers put the money into the money bags you were given during training. They are labelled with the days of the week. If you haven’t been given any, ask your fruit to suit representative for a set.

This money needs to be put somewhere safe. Ask your Supervisor where to store it.

Managers: Finance Managers

Once a week Finance Managers count the money.

  • Record the money in the Tuck Shop Manager File: Section 8, Money In/Money Out. This is money coming in.
  • Once the money has been counted, the money can be given to the secretary for banking. Ask your secretary to sign the Money In.
How do you count the money?

Count the money once a week so it doesn’t pile up. Do it out of lesson time.

1.  Seperate the coins into piles i.e all the pound coins together, all the five pences together.

2.  Count the value of each pile.

3.  Add the value of the piles together.

The money bags have the amounts of each coin written on the side. Try to fill as many bags as possible . Do not mix the coins in the bags.

The easiest way of counting the money is to use digital scales.

1p & 2p: A £1 bag weighs 357g

5p & 10p: A £5 bag weighs 328g

20p & 50p: A £10 bag weighs 161g

£1 & £2: A £20 bag weighs 192g

Use the Section 8: Counting Money sheet to help keep track.