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fruit to suit are always looking out for businesses to partner with, so if you want to give something back to your local community or are looking to invest in a corporate social responsibility project we would love to hear from you.

How can you get involved?

1. Sponsor a school

Many schools would like to set up a fruit to suit enterprise but with ever restricted school budgets simply can't justify even the small initial training cost. Give something back by sponsoring a local school, with sponsorship packages ranging from £250-£1000 you can help a school tuck shop business to get started and inspire the entrepreneurs of the future. By attending the official opening of the new tuck shop you may even gain some local press coverage for your company.

2. Provide school business support

This is a perfect opportunity for you to engage with local schools without any financial commitment. We work with schools to provide follow up evaluation sessions and ongoing support to help keep their tuck shop business on track and find out how well they are getting on. Activities can include helping the chidren to perform a stock take, stock management, marketing, book keeping and producing termly accounts to calculate profit. You may have staff who perform these roles within your business who could visit a local school to provide support with these activities.

3. Provide access to healthy snacks and drinks for your staff

Our snacks and drinks aren't just for kids! Many of them are great for adults too and we even have an adult snack range in larger packs. Why not have a healthy tuck shop in your business premises, staff can then enjoy an alternative to chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks from the vending machine when they are feeling a bit peckish. They will feel better (and most likely work better) and you could also donate any profits to charity.

Get in touch to find out more about these opportunities to get involved.