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A message from Ann

Ann Knott

Prior to joining fruit to suit I worked in the food industry as a Marketing and PR manager for 13 years. After having my children, I wanted a new career that had greater flexibility for family life as well as something that offered more in terms of meaningfulness and just enjoyment.

I have found that fruit to suit really fits the bill. I love the challenge of building up my own business from home in a way that I can control. Working with the tuck shop teams in schools is really rewarding. The enterprise training programmes we deliver offer something unique to schools – the opportunity to apply maths and literacy skills to a real life situation as well as the development of important life skills. The children really rise to the challenge and get so much out of it. It's great to see them working together as a team, taking responsibility and growing in self-confidence as a result.

At fruit to suit we are also about promoting healthy eating and given the rise in childhood obesity in this country and I think that is so important. The children discover that snacks do not have to have added sugar and fat to be nice to eat which can be quite a surprise.

As a social enterprise business, at fruit to suit we deliver a valuable role in the community and I look forward to the future Sir Alan Sugar/Karen Brady saying that it all started at primary school when he/she had a first experience of starting up a new business!

My area covers south Lincolnshire, Rutland, greater Peterborough, Corby and Market Harborough.

About fruit to suit C.I.C.

We deliver bespoke, quality assured business and enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools. more>

Our programs support pupils in establishing and operating a long term, sustainable healthy school tuck shop business.

The profit generated can be used to fund further enterprise training or donated to charity.

We supply a wide range of delicious, healthy snacks and drinks which meet the School Food Trust guidelines. more>

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"The benefits I have noticed for the children have been the development of important life skills in a very practical situation of running their own tuck shop."