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Welcome to your local fruit to suit

A message from Sonya

Sonya HortonBefore joining fruit to suit I worked for an international education technology company, creating resources for teachers. Prior to this I was a science and technology teacher. I live in St. Helens, I am happily married to Paul and have 2 wonderful children, Katy and Jayden.

Following maternity leave with Jayden, I was not looking forward to returning to work. It was highly pressurised, with long hours and a 2 hour commute each day. I wanted to spend more time with my children and be able to work around school hours and holidays. So I took redundancy and started a fruit to suit franchise.

I thought fruit to suit was a great idea and the more I have experienced the valuable work we do in schools and the local community, the more I love being part of it. I believe children should be given lots of opportunities to learn and develop their skills outside of the established curriculum. The business enterprise training is unique in that it prepares the children to set up a business, then they experience a continued sense of achievement from running a real and profitable business. This, along with providing hundreds of children with healthy snacks every day, makes it a really worthwhile way for me to spend my working life.



About fruit to suit C.I.C.

We deliver bespoke, quality assured business and enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools. more>

Our programs support pupils in establishing and operating a long term, sustainable healthy school tuck shop business.

The profit generated can be used to fund further enterprise training or donated to charity.

We supply a wide range of delicious, healthy snacks and drinks which meet the School Food Trust guidelines. more>

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"The snacks were fab. The children did a great job thanks to their training. We had a great launch today, the queue was nearly to the other end of the playground."

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